"The Fast & Easy Way To Start Generating New Customer Sales 
With E5 C.A.M.P."
What You'll Learn When You 
Enroll In The E5 CAMP Masterclass:

Module 1: EXAMINING - Part 1

  • How to discover who your best prospects are... so you can attract those who are most likely to buy.

  •  How to uncover their primary triggers, hot buttons, and objections so you can craft the perfect marketing message that brings you daily sales.

  •  How to dissect your competitors hooks and offers so you can be assured your marketing is different, stands-out and gets attention & engagement.

Module 2: EXAMINING - Part 2

  • A surefire way to develop the perfect marketing promise for your specific prospects.

  •  How to choose the perfect campaign type to use and what to say at the beginning of your campaign to hook prospects. 

  •  How to uncover your prospects necessary buying beliefs so you can make the sale easily. 

Module 3: ENGINEERING - Part 1

  • How to craft the perfect offer so you see consistent daily sales coming in from new customers.

  •  How to develop the perfect Big Idea for your marketing campaign.

  •  How to identify the one thing your prospects need to believe to buy your product or service.

  •  If you don’t have a product yet, you’ll learn how to put together the perfect customer-attracting product.

Module 4: ENGINEERING - Part 2

  • Exactly what to say in your marketing funnel — from opening to offer — to turn your prospects desire into intense demand for your product or service.

  •  Create the perfect marketing message & argument that creates authority, overcomes skepticism, increases trust so making sales is easy.

  •  Deliver value in your marketing so you build goodwill, bond with prospects, and create a highly-responsive customer database.

Module 5: ENGINEERING - Part 3

  • How to start your new campaign as a Minimum Viable Funnel so you don't waste any time or money.

  •  A simple and fast way of rolling-out your new marketing campaign with zero risk so you know for sure your new campaign will make you money.

  •  How to start generating sales with your new marketing campaign right out of the gate.


  • How to know with certainty when it’s time to begin scaling your traffic and when it’s time to make tweaks.

  •  How to look at a few numbers and know exactly what’s going on with your marketing campaign.

  •  How to know which pieces of your new marketing campaign to optimize and how to do it so you see boost your daily sales volume.


  • How to structure the perfect upsell sequence, so you can make more money from every new customer your marketing campaign brings you.

  •  How to maximize the monetization of your optins and leads with the perfect follow-up sequence.

  •  How to boost conversions at every step in your marketing campaign.

  •  How to fix any “campaign constraint” in your marketing campaign with simple, scientific split testing.


  • How to multiply the number of new customers you’re getting every day from better, more competitive traffic sources.

  •  How to reverse engineer where your competitors are getting all of their traffic and sales.

  •  A simple 4-step process for scaling your traffic and lead flow with the same system I use (BACO).

  •  How to generate even more sales by stacking a backend campaign for all new customers.
PLUS: When You Enroll Today You Also Get 
  • The Ultimate '6 Funnel Templates' Set (Value: $3,979.99)

  •  The Ultimate '15 Email Sequences' Swipe File (Value: $2,299.00)

  •  The Ultimate Director's Cut Funnel Package (Value: $4,999.00)
Get access today… go through the entire training… download everything… start generating sales… and if by the end of 35 days you decide it’s not for you, let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. And you can still keep EVERYTHING!

Essentially I’m giving you everything for free if you’re not happy for any reason.
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