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  • The Entire E5 CAMP Masterclass - 8 Modules
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Module One: Examine - Part 1
Lesson #1: Conducting The Prospect Analysis
Lesson #2: Conducting the Product Analysis
Lesson #3: Conducting the Competitive Analysis

Module Two: Examine - Part 2
Lesson #4: Conducting the Promise Exposure Spectrum Analysis
Lesson #5: Conducting the Prospect Awareness Pyramid Analysis
Lesson #6: Creating the Three Dimensional Prospect Profile

Module Three: Engineer - Part 1
Lesson #7: Your Engineering Tools
Lesson #8: Engineering the Perfect Customer-Generating Product
Lesson #9: Engineering the Perfect Offer
Lesson #10: Engineering the Perfect Marketing Funnel Thesis
Lesson #11: Engineering the Perfect Big Idea

Module Four: Engineer - Part 2
Lesson #12: Flawless Funnel Copywriting
Lesson #13: Engineering the Perfect Headline & Lead
Lesson #14: Engineering the Perfect Marketing Message

Module Five: Engineer - Part 3
Lesson #15: Engineering the Perfect Minimum Viable Funnel
Lesson #16: Engineering the Perfect Lead Capture Page
Lesson #17: Engineering the Perfect Marketing/Sales Page
Lesson #18: Engineering the Perfect Order Form

Module Six: Evaluate
Lesson #19: Testing Your Minimum Viable Funnel (MVF)
Lesson #20: Understanding Your MVF Response

Module Seven: Enhance
Lesson #21: Enhancing with the the Perfect Upsell Sequence
Lesson #22: Enhancing with the Perfect Follow-Up Sequence
Lesson #23: Enhance Overall Conversion
Lesson #24: Setting-up the Perfect Testing

Module Eight: Expand
Lesson #25: Expanding Your Level of Acquisition Aggression
Lesson #26: Expanding With Competitive Analysis
Lesson #27: Expanding With The Perfect Tracking Set-Up
Lesson #28: Expanding Your Acquisition With B.A.C.O.
Lesson #29: Expanding with The Perfect Metrics Reporting
Lesson #30: Expanding Through Your Backend

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